“Ron was very knowledgeable and could answer all questions that were asked. He provided good examples and had good answering techniques.” C.L. Logan Lake

“It was a real learning experience and I feel confident enough to take it to work and apply what I learned.” A.H. Salmo

“Great class, great instructor. I learned a few new things which I think will be very useful in my future.” A.K. Cranbrook

“The amount of faith this instructor displays in the students’ ability has reflected directly in our performance.” B.P. Trail

“Mr. Tomlinson has a knowledgeable awareness about this subject.” B.M. Williams Lake

“Good course. Instructor was able to relate and tell own oilfield experiences which helped understanding, and gave me a better idea about what really happens on site.” J.F. Williams Lake

“I wasn’t aware of all the danger that can occur out there. I’m sure glad I took this course.” L.A. Williams Lake

“Thanks for the job search ideas.” A. M. Nelson

“Instructor is very organised and thorough in his presentation. Very nice guy and easy to follow course. Thanx.” B.B. Trail

“The course was cool. I learned about the hazards of H2S gas and other harmful substances. And learned about new rescue techniques that I didn’t know.” B.T. Neskonlith

“Ron Tomlinson was clear, concise and very helpful in all aspects of this course.” J.T. Neskonlith

“Instructor shared good stories to illustrate examples of hazards with H2S. His diagrams on the flip chart helped me visualize situations where these dangers can occur.” R.B. Barriere

‘Ron was an awesome teacher. I would be glad to have him teach me other courses.” Nelson

“A good intro to the oilfield and to the hazards relating to H2S.” Trail