Policies and other Important Information

Your Safety Tickets

Keep your address up-to-date

Moving? Please call 877-220-4073 to notify us of any changes to your address. Keeping your address current helps us get your permanent safety tickets to the correct address in a timely manner. If you don’t know what your new address will be, let us know so that we can hold onto your ticket(s) until you call us with the new forwarding address.

When will your permanent tickets arrive?

At the training permanent H2S Alive/ESC, Fall Protection/ESC,  Forklift Operators, Asbestos Awareness, Gas Testing, WHMIS/GHS and TDG tickets are issued immediately upon successful completion of the tests. Certificates for Qualitative and Quantitative Fit testing/CSA service are also issued immediately.

For Fall Protection/BC Comprehensive, Confined Space/CanSafe (Entry & Monitor) and Ground Disturbance LII, these permanent tickets will arrive to your address by post from us 3 months at the latest from the date of your training with the proper address and spelling. It is your responsibility to watch for and keep track of your ticket(s). Note: If your name has been misspelled on your ticket, we send it back for correction, which delays arrival by at least couple more weeks.

If you still haven’t received your ticket(s) after the three months (and you have given us up-to-date information), call us immediately. We are not responsible for your tickets after they have been mailed, but we will assist you as much as possible if they are not received, lost or misplaced.

What to do if your tickets get damaged, lost or misplaced…

Within the 3-year expiration, your tickets can be replaced for a small fee and with the proper documentation. Call the number(s) to replace the following:

    • For H2S Alive, Common Safety Orientation (CSO) and Fall Protection, call Energy Safety Canada at 800-667-5557.
    • Confined Space Entry (Level 1) and Rescue, call CanSafe Safety Services at 800-318-2152.
    • For Fall Protection Comprehensive End User/BC, call the Fall Protection Group/3M at 403-270-2332.
    • For Ground Disturbance LII, call Global Training Centre at 403-934-5046.
    • For Gas Testing, Forklift Operators, Asbestos Awareness, Quantitative or Qualitative Fit Testing/CSA, Respiratory Protection, WHMIS/GHS & TDG call Valhalla Safety at 877-220-4073.

Digital Certification
Only digital certificates (Red Cross) are issued for Emergency First Aid & CPR-C with AED/OFA L1 and for Standard First Aid & CPR-C with AED/OFA L1. Participants will receive either a link or a PDF attachment for certification a few days after successfully completing the training.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations result in a $50.00 fee if received 48 hours or more before the training date. If re-booking (within 3 months of original registration date), cancellation fee is put against tuition of next training date. No Show’s or withdrawals same day can result in full amount charges or no refunds.
  • Valhalla Safety reserves the right to cancel a course 48 hours prior to training if minimum number of registrations not achieved; and 24 hours or less before a course if unexpected logistical problems arise .
  • Valhalla Safety reserves the right to also refuse entry of or to evict from the training registrants for any conduct interfering with individual and group learning of safety principles and skills with no refund or credit carried forward.


Participants are encouraged take the time to arrive safely to class (with changing weather and road conditions, etc.) and to show up a few minutes early (well-rested) before starting time unless directed otherwise (see COVID-19 Protocols).

If they must be late and know ahead of time, they should contact the office as soon as possible to pre-arrange their later entrance into the class. If road/travel conditions require more time for travel or cause unexpected delays, participants may also arrive late. In both cases, no more than 20 minutes may be allowed for joining the class after the starting time. Participants will need to call the office to re-schedule and a fee or the full amount may be required to do so.

Participation Requirements

* The minimum age for all courses is 16 years.
* All participants are required to bring at least one Government-issued ID (with Photo; DL, MSP or passport) or two pieces of other ID without photo.
* Participants should bring what ever they need for the day to successfully complete the complete the course including lunch/snacks, reading glasses, medications where applicable, extra layer of clothing to adjust to weather/time of year.
* Conservative clothing is highly recommended including full-toed footwear and full-length pants for maximum comfort and ease of movement during exercises in all courses including H2S Alive, Fall Protection, First Aid and Forklift Operators.
* Participants in Forklift Operators should wear steel-toed work boots if they have them. Gloves and sunglasses are also recommended.
* Most courses contain the amount of information of two days condensed into one; adequate short-term memory is required for successfully completing the course including evaluation of learning. If participants lack this part of their memory (ie., from a brain injury) they should inform the office at the time of registration or as soon as possible.
* To successfully complete courses, participants will be expected to participate fully in all course activities which could include breathing under air (H2S Alive, Confined Space Rescue), wearing a harness (Fall Protection), wearing a respirator (Qualitative or Quantitative Fit Testing), working on Annies/mannequins and working on the floor (First Aid).
* If a participant has physical injuries which may interfere with performing regular activities, they should notify the office of their special requirements.
* Experience with driving/possession of a Drivers Licence is highly recommended for successful completion of the Forklift Operators Certification.

Shaving Requirements
Isn’t a requirement for attending H2S Alive training.
Is required for Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Testing: no hair growth beyond the corners of the mouth and below the upper chin.

Student Conduct Expectations – Participants are required to:
* be well-rested and free of mind-altering substances (no alcohol or drugs)
* be punctual; at check-in and when coming back from breaks
* keep cellphones off or on Airplane mode or on vibrate
* make or take essential calls outside the classroom. If they cause participant/s to loose too much classroom time, they will not be allowed to write the test.
* be respectful and courteous; any language or behaviour (including aggressive/abusive) that interferes with individual and group learning will not be tolerated. Participant/s will be required to leave without refund or credit carried forward.
* participate in all activities and be engaged in own learning; ask questions if they don’t understand something.