Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.

This course informs students of:

  • your right to know what hazardous products you are dealing with on your worksite,
  • what the hazards are; how to read a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet),
  • how to read labels; rules about labelling,
  • where to find information on treatment if an accident were to occur.

Instructor, Ron Tomlinson, uses anecdotes from his experiences and knowledge of basic Science in the Oil and Gas, Construction and Agricultural Industries to demonstrate the importance of safely working with hazardous materials. The four-hour comprehensive presentation includes instruction, video and overhead presentation and discussion. Booklet and handouts included in fee which includes GST.

Each student will write a competency check at the end of the class before receiving their WHMIS ticket. These tickets never expire when an employee keeps their ticket in their possession and can show it to a new employer, or remains with the same employer. When changing employers, employees may be required to re-take their WHMIS training, with the new employer providing orientation for the hazardous materials unique to their worksite.

– 4 Hours –