Energy Safety Canada H2S Alive ®

Hydrogen Sulphide Training

The Ticket – Valid for 3 years. If lost, can be replaced for a small fee; call Enform at 1-800-667-5557 or Energy Safety Canada Representatives, Valhalla Safety Ltd at 1877-220-4073. Industry-recognised nationally and internationally. Upon successful completion of course, a person receives a temporary ticket (valid for 90 days); the permanent one is mailed within that time.

The Course – Minimum age is 16. No previous experience or training in the Petroleum Industry necessary. While H2S Alive is accepted across Canada and around the world, it is the only sour gas course accepted in BC. The course is designed to help workers become familiar with H2S/sour gas. Pre-study recommended for individuals with little scholastic background or learning disability. Oral testing available. Course length is 8 hours with breaks.

Description – While H2S is produced by other industries (Pulp & Paper, Agriculture) and in nature, the Oil and Gas Industry is the largest producer of H2S/sour gas. Oilfield companies require job applicants to have H2S training even before applying. Equipment-and information intensive, the course covers:

H2S Properties and the Initial Response Strategy – Properties of sour gas, where it is likely to be found, hazards to health (exposure limits and toxicity levels). Seven-step Initial Response strategy introduced and reviewed and applied to case studies.

Respiratory Protective Equipment – The benefits and limitations of the 2 kinds of breathing apparatus (SCBA and SABA) that workers are likely to encounter are discussed. Students learn how to inspect, put on and use a SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus).

Detection of H2S – Instructions for using two kinds of gas detector devices (Bellows and Piston); introduction to electronic monitors and practice with sampling and testing air from miniature H2S environment.

Rescue Techniques & Rescue Breathing – Practice of four basic rescue – lift techniques and rescue breathing (based on Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation’s guidelines; students are encouraged to take a separate first aid course.

Review and Case Studies –- to practice Initial Response Strategy.

Test -– half multiple choice, half fill-in-the-blanks. Each test is marked before students leave. Passing Grade is 70%. The temporary tickets given upon successful completion and can be taken to work immediately.

– 8 Hours –

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