Industrial/Commercial End-User Fall Protection Program

OSSA Approved/ACSA Course #6116

The program was developed in accordance with the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) requirements and Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) guidelines. This Fall Protection Group Inc. program is recognized by the ACSA and is fully accredited by OSSA. And is valid in BC as well.

During this workshop you will learn the basics of fall protection systems.

Topics include:

  • Fall Protection Basics: Fall accident statistics, Dynamics of falling, Governing bodies and regulations
  • Fall Protection Systems: Guardrails, Travel restraint system, Personal fall arrest system, Safety nets, Control zones, Procedure based fall protection systems, System selection, Fall protection plan
  • Travel Restraint and Fall Arrest: System components & Terminology
  • Anchor Points: Strength requirements, Permanent anchor points, Temporary anchor points, Anchorage connectors
  • Connectors Part I: Snap hooks and carabiners, Lanyards, Energy absorbers, Self-retracting lanyards (SRLs)
  • Connectors Part II: Vertical lifelines (VLLs) and fall arresters, Free fall distance, Clearance requirements, Calculating FFD TFD CR, Horizontal lifelines (HLLs)
  • Body Holding Devices: Safety belts vs. full body harnesses,Harness types, Harness fitting / Partner check
  • Specialty Solutions/Situations: Work positioning, Descent control devices, Aerial lifts, Ladders, Scaffolds
  • Equipment Care: Inspection, Maintenance, Storage
  • Rescue: Rescue concepts, principles and planning, Suspension trauma, Working alone
  • Fall Arrest System Workshop: Harness donning and partner check, Harness suspension, Fall arrest system selection & set-up / video analysis
  • Question & answer period, Theory test, Wrap-up

Class maximum is 16 students.

– Approximately 8 Hours –