Confined Space Level 1 & 2

Confined Space Entry Level 1

This in-class, 8-hour course is a requirement for Hole-watch and Entry-level work. Topics include the numerous types of Confined Spaces, Confined Space hazards and the regulations regarding working in and around them. Hazard recognition and safety protocols commonly required by both employers and employees to ensure safe work practices are also covered. This course is required for people working in the Oil & Gas industry, Municipal workers, Equipment Operators and others involved in excavations and trenching as well as specific areas of Agriculture and Construction. Course material reflects legislation and common industrial-regulated practices within Western Canada. This course is certified by CanSafe Safety Services (Lloyd Minster) and is valid for three years.

Notes: – While there is a section of the course (see Objectives) to explain how monitors are used to evaluate Confined Spaces, this course doesn’t fully cover a Gas Testing. See the course description for GT to determine if you need this additional training.


  1. Identification of Confined Spaces
  2. Regulations
  3. Recognizing Hazards
  4. Evaluating Problems
  5. Controlling Risks.


  1. Define responsibilities of Employees when entering a Confined Space
  2. Identify 6 or more hazards commonly associated with Confined Spaces
  3. Outline the importance of having a Code of Practice.
  4. Explain the three atmospheric conditions often found in Confined Spaces.
  5. Describe the primary difference between SCBA and SABA systems.
  6. Identify the characteristics of a Confined Space
  7. Explain control methods Employers use to create Confined Spaces.
  8. Explain how monitors are used to evaluate Confined Spaces
  9. Describe the difference between purging and ventilation.
  10. Distinguish between blinds, disconnects, double blocks and bleeds.

Harness training can be added if requested in advance (at the time of registration) at no extra cost.

Cost: $220 plus GST


Confined Space Entry and Rescue

This 16-hour/2-day training combines the topics from both Entry Level (described above) with in-depth Rescue preparation and practice. This comprehensive training provides instruction and understanding of pre-entry planning, legislation, identification of spaces, permitting, hazards, evaluation of hazards, common control techniques for hazards, codes of practice and terminology used in confined space work. During the Rescue portion of the course, the participants are provided a greater understanding of the use of:

  1. breathing apparatus
  2. detection equipment commonly used in confined spaces
  3. use of a body harness in rescue
  4. isolation of and emergency control of hazards in confined space incidents

In addition to practice and use of equipment, practical skill development also includes inspection of breathing apparatus, body harness and isolation systems. Physical rescue scenarios are conducted in a restricted (industry-rated) space/a Confined Space Simulator.

Note: the training may include Employer’s site-specific monitor and testing equipment upon request

Cost; $375.00 plus GST   Certified and valid for three years by CanSafe Safety Services.


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